Together, We'll Make a Difference!

Together, We'll Make a Difference!

Together, We'll Make a Difference!Together, We'll Make a Difference!

Welcome to our Miller's Food Coalition


As a member of our Private Association you are well aware that our farmer, Amos Miller, and the Millers Organic Farm was served with a Court Order that is putting our meat supply at great risk. The Court Order issued by Judge Edward G. Smith, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on November 19, 2019, provided Amos and his farm just sixty (60) days to liquidate his existing stock of meat (bovine) products, swine products, and poultry products and prohibited Amos and his farm from slaughtering meat, swine or poultry after November 19, 2019, except for his limited personal use. It also required that all inventory remaining after the close of the sixty (60) day period that has not been liquidated is to be detained, seized or otherwise appropriately dis positioned by the USDA. Further it requires Amos and his farm to enter into a custom slaughter exemption agreement with the USDA before the slaughter of meat, swine or poultry can resume.

The sixty (60) day period ended Saturday, January 18, 2020. The not-so-pleasant news is that Amos can no longer sell meat, swine or poultry, nor can he slaughter the same, until such time that a custom slaughter exemption plan has been accepted by both the USDA and Amos Miller. The main focus is to obtain the custom slaughter exemption as fast as possible but the current suggestions to sell 1/4 or 1/2 animal to a few members is not feasible. We like to divide a harvest freely among us members in portion sizes determined by each member that fits their liking and budget.

The USDA/FSIS has shown that our on-farm slaughtered meats, like the ones we are known to provide to our private members only, are illegal under several federal statutes. The FSIS is charged by law to enforce the Order, and has visited the farm several times to audit farm practices.  We question the need for regulations that prohibit small farms from custom-slaughtering meats for clients that cannot afford to buy or store the products of butchering an entire carcass.

The regulatory laws are written for the production of meat, poultry or eggs to serve the safety of conventionally raised meat and poultry and other animal products like cheese, butter, eggs and milk. Everywhere you turn, our food is either pasteurized, homogenized, sterilized or full of chemicals to stave off bacteria. It is almost as though we are phobic about bacteria of any kind and have lost trust in our food production system we believed in just a few centuries ago. We are made to rely on labels with expiration dates and serving sizes but the real integrity is buried deceivingly and the nutrients are just simply not there any longer. 

Our farmer is appalled about our food system and he is farming in the same way our forefathers have successfully done so for millennia - producing nutrient dense and life giving foods - they enjoyed and thrived on with great health. With a background of an old fashioned Amish culture that carries a strong belief that our bodies where designed to sustain on foods that are not just blessed by our Creator but also be produced to His liking, he is committed to selflessly obey. He cares about the well being of His animals as much as he does for His children. Our Farmer is simply refusing to produce foods that are not health giving or sustaining and his mission is to do NO harm to neither the animals, the land or the people - that are all children of our Creator. His aim is to please God and follow the path from our previous ancestral generations that seam to had it right all along.

The notion that foods that have not been inspected by the USDA are unfit to enter the commerce is at question. The care and oversight for quality control is an act of devotion our farmer is known and well respected for and we members trust the food he is making available to us.  As a Private Member Association,  we cater to those who need pure, chemical-free foods the most. Our foods - especially the meats - are for many a life enhancing necessity, needed for survival. Members with complicated, most often incurable health conditions who need extraordinary nutrient dense, chemical-free and pure foods as their medicine, are therefore the ones most affected, if we cannot produce our food and slaughter our animals the way we have been. We know and believe that our practices we cherish are the most ethical, sustaining, nourishing and of highest quality possible. 

We received an overwhelming amount of testimonials from our members who are appalled about our court order and hundreds of members expressed their worries and fear about our farms future and the access to clean, chemical-free meats. They fear the negative consequences on their health if we are not allowed to continue operating the way we have been and our members have come to trust. 

The health of those members who rely on "fresh meats", is greatly impacted if we cannot slaughter until we will have a custom slaughter license in place. Those members who rely on fresh meats, that either have a severe histamine intolerance or are eating a diet of raw, fresh foods, especially meats, need a fresh supply to sustain their health. At this moment we have NO fresh meats available to ensure that the health of those members can be maintained.

Our members know and trust us to serve them foods that are NEVER equal to BIG FOOD, but are exceedingly purer, more nutritious AND most of all - CHEMICAL-FREE. Our members distrust BIG FOOD and BIG PHARMA and many are looking for an alternative choice to HEAL their bodies where conventional treatments have failed them. Members are reporting great relief and improvement from mental and physical ailments since eating foods they can trust with its integrity. 

Due to our current profit driven governmental rules and regulations we are NOT getting healthier - the opposite is true, our health is greatly declining and cancer - despite our advanced technologies and research capabilities - has become another BIG BUSINESS that is afraid of anything that CURES. Statistics show that the mortality rate, dying from cancer has substantially declined, this is such wonderful news. The question ought to be "have the chances getting cancer declined as well"? This is the part of statistic that is always cherry picked and sadly the government has designed their own SCIENCE - paid by lobbyists - to mislead those who don't understand REAL SCIENCE.

Members of Amos Miller's Organic Farm Private Association have created this Coalition with a few dedicated and devoted members to empower YOU to say NO to BIG FOOD and BIG PHARMA and we urge you to support US and our Farmer, Amos, to let him continue to be the example we need to disprove these many myths that are ending our lives because of chronic disease. Disease is caused from toxins and deficiencies. The foods the USDA is declaring as "safe" and "wholesome" are sadly not what it sounds to be. We know that nutritional intervention works. The foods and meats our farmer is offering has everything to sustain a life and nothing is added or taken away. The foods that our government likes to produce is cheaply produced en masse to please the palate geared to feed you mindlessly and to steal unknowingly your resilience to withstand disease. God created His foods to sustain life on earth, but man can not replicate DNA or mask things that does not belong with chemicals and expect a thriving outcome.

Around here, we believe we all want the same thing. Live a healthy and productive live without depression and disease. We want that for ourselves and our children, but the way it is going, we suffer needlessly and the more we unite and vote with our hard earned money, supporting those who grow foods - without harming our livestock, our land and ourselves - the stronger our message will be.

The foods and meats our farmer is making available to to our members are free from toxins and chemicals, GMO's and sterilizers and most importantly  - stress and fear hormones - that are generated whenever an animal senses a threat. Every animal is born and raised on our farm, spending their entire lives on open pasture only eating grass that is fertilized with the droppings from our free roaming chickens and the manure that is left behind while implementing rotational grazing. The way our farmer is slaughtering is secluded and away from the herd, taking one Beef Cattle at a time on a leash and calmly inducing instantaneous death with a 1 bullet shot. We only slaughter as much as we need to supply our members with the freshest meats and for us, it is unfeasible to outsource but also unnecessary as we are not slaughtering more than 2 beef cattle per week. We are in full control and are experienced in what we have been doing for centuries. Not one member encountered ill health all the while eating from our land and we thank God, who blessed us throughout all these years with healthy and resilient animals and rich pastures to grow foods that are far exceeding USDA standards. 

It is our passion to be farmers who have integrity and transparency. You can trace the foods you buy from us and you know how its grown. Just ask us or come and visit, as we are like an open book. This is such a missing link nowadays as nobody has a clue whats going on behind those closed doors of feedlot operations and we only get to find out the truth when undercover investigators reveal what nobody is supposed to witness. 

Only appropriately fed and cared for animals are the foundation to produce "safe" and "wholesome" foods

Purpose of the FSIS (Division of the USDA)

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is the public health regulatory agency responsible for ensuring that United States' commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and packaged.



We don't de-beak our pastured Chickens

All of our poultry is free-range, GMO-free and soy-free. During the warm summer months they also eat insects which is a great source of protein for any poultry as they scratch and peck in the pastures of their natural habitat. We never de-beak our chickens because the beaks are needed to eat the grass and insects that gives their eggs the rich color, taste and nutrition which our members have come to love and expect. 


Harmonious grazing

All of our animals are born and raised on the same farm and are soy-free, GMO-free, antibiotic and hormone free throughout their lives from birth. Our commitment to 100% chemical-free farming means that we are dedicated to environmentally sustainable production practices, exactly how it was done before the advent of "modern" farming. The farm's land is never sprayed with harmful chemicals, only natural fertilizers are used, necessary to build healthy soil.

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